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If you would like to learn more about HoMA's Outreach programs, please contact Hannah Craft by writing hcraft@honolulumuseum.org or calling 532-3681. 

Outreach is always looking for part-time teaching artists with a degree/background in art education and experience in classroom teaching students in K-12th grade. Please contact a us for more info. 

Support Outreach

HoMA's Outreach programs are made possible by the generous support of individuals, foundations and corporations. For information about how to donate or fund a specific program, please contact Cara Mazzei: cmazzei@honolulumuseum.org or 532-8715. 

“I want to inspire people to do art and show them art is not just crayons and drawings. Without art, our feelings would be trapped in a box. With art, you can let your feeling free.”—Kamaile Elementary student

“I like Art To Go because it provides children with the opportunity to express themselves and to explore varying dimensions of their being. Creativity and exploration is a reliable route to self-understanding. Art To Go encourages children to take risks, to try things out, to explore their thoughts and feelings, and to delve into their very beings. This, I certainly believe, is a very valuable thing.”—Ala Wai Elementary teacher